The Heart Is A Strange Place

Maya Moxley is A Songwriter.
Ukulele Player.
Soul Singer.
A Multi-Instrumentalist who plays Guitar.
A Producer & Arranger of Original music.
Currently recording the album, “The Heart is a Strange Place.”


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Born in the tiny town of Jacksonville, OR.

Under the shade of a Willow tree, a summer’s August morning.

Father, French Creole.
The family migrated to Los Angeles from Opelousas, Louisiana in the 1950’s to escape segregation.

Mother, from St. Louis, Missouri.
Taught by Native American women to craft traditional Native jewelry.

Maya Moxley has been writing since the age of Seven.

This journey is no easy undertaking.

As early as I could remember I have been in love with music.
One of my first memories is riding alongside my father, singing to the oldies R&B radio stations as we drove the tiny country roads. Another is a family trip to Hawaii at 18-months-old, I spent the time upon on my fathers back, in his pack, and I stroked the large leaves and petals of the tropical trees & Flowers, as my family hiked and backpacked through the Big Island of Hawaii, Black Sand Beach.

At 7, I decided if I could make music that made people feel something, I would want to do that the rest of my life. I wrote my first lyrics then, on the back of my Father’s receipt paper and continued writing throughout my days in class, grade school and beyond. I was the, “8th Grade Ensemble & every choir class available in high school” kind of kid. I even participated in Musical Theater.

Anything to be enveloped in music and sound.
A sense of bliss I cannot describe adequately.

At 17, the featured Singer in a 9 – Piece Jazz Band, performing at The Sacramento Jazz Jubilee & The Lake Tahoe Jazz festival.

Each day I hone my abilities to communicate emotional experiences and concepts, within words & through song.
I hope that what I share with you, you can feel it too.

Soulful & Joyous, Authentic & Profound.
“Like you broke my heart, and healed it at the same time.”


Prior to her 2005 move to Los Angeles, She Lived Happily among family in Haleiwa, North Shore, Oahu, HI.

In Los Angeles, Maya Moxley has played countless venues & helped lovers unite with private Proposals, also working the Heart Bandits who arrange great events.

“If I could make music that made people feel something, that would be the greatest gift in the world.”

As an Author creating and synthesizing philosophical concepts, as well as writing children’s books.


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Booking & Contact

Queen Latifah, Birthday Performance. Robin Thicke, “Blurred Lines”.
Opened for Bobby Brown, “Don’t Be Cruel”, Spouse of Whitney Houston.
Duet w/ Tommy Davidson, “In Living Color” “The Proud Family”




Private Party’s, LUAU’SWeddings, Festivals, Fundraisers & Poetry Events
The W Hotel Hollywood, Malibu Music Awards, Zanzibar, Harvelle’s, Malibu Inn, Nola’s, Mesa Lounge, First & Hope Supper Club, Witzend, Malibu Unplugged, Malibu Bar & Grill, DBA256 Wine Gallery & Bar, Rafa’s Lounge & Art Gallery, Last Bookstore, Cinespace, RnB Live Hollywood, Industry Cafe & Jazz, Universal Bar & Grill, Karma Lounge Speakeasy, The People’s Mic, Viva La ART, Heart of Art, Noho PAC, A Mic & Dim Lights, Natural High, Flight School, BB KINGS, House Of Blues

Ukulele Player, Guitarist & Vocalist with Influences of SOUL, R&B, Jazz, Blues & Pop.  Bringing an Indie Folk Soul feel that is funky and bright.

The Perfect Wedding Singer..
 “Like you broke my heart, and healed it at the same time.”